Church Functions

The Class Act Trio has taken great pride assisting clients in selecting the perfect choices of live music for church engagements.  Years of experience have demonstrated that many clients know they want live music for church engagements such as wedding ceremonies but they have no idea of exactly what they want.  Church restrictions frequently add to this challenge.  For example, the Class Act Trio is fully aware that most Roman Catholic churches restrict music to only classical repertoire.

To ease the burden of this decision-making for clients, Ray, Lisa, and/or Bob have found that meeting with clients in advance makes all of the difference.  In addition to hearing more about the clients’ desires, small excerpts of music selections can be performed to assist the clients in making their choices.

To provide even further assistance, the Class Act Trio makes it a standard practice to contact the church in advance of the engagement to ensure everything is set and properly prepared for the engagement.  This provides one less worry for the clients so they can focus on other important decisions.

As a result of our thorough advance preparation, even if we are performing in a church for the first time, our clients frequently comment that the Class Act Trio complimented the church service so well that they made the assumption we must have been regular performers in the church.