Music & Offerings

In general, the Class Act Trio can arrange any music for any event.  In addition, the following offerings can be selected:

Trio (Most common) – Three musicians including a flutist, woodwind performer (saxophone, flute, clarinet), and piano/keyboard performer.  This is an ideal ensemble for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, private affairs, and corporate affairs.

Duo – Two musicians including a woodwind performer (saxophone, flute, clarinet) and piano/keyboard performer.

Alternate Duo – Two musicians including a flutist and woodwind performer (saxophone, flute, clarinet).  This ensemble is perfect for church engagements where the church provides an organist as well as outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Solo – Piano/keyboard performer.  This single musician is perfect for smaller house parties.

Additional Musicians – The Class Act Trio is occasionally encouraged to include some additional musicians for engagements.  Additional musicians may include a vocalist, drummer, and/or bass player at the client’s request.